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Indian architecture is defined as the art and science of designing temple buildings and structures. In a broader definition, this scope would include any temple-built environment, structure, or object design, from mandovar planning, shikhara design, and mandapa architecture to pylons, arches, thrones, and statues.

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Entrance Gate Design
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Home Temple & Temple Gokh

The height of a temple gate and a temple gate is given in this 2D AutoCAD DWG drawing file. This is an amazing Gokh and Mandir Dwarshakh drawing and useful for people searching for AutoCAD drawings. For more details download the AutoCAD DWG drawing file. Thank you for downloading 2D AutoCAD DWG Drawing files and other CAD program files from our website.

Temple Design

Hindu Temple Architecture Design

The study of cultural history, sculpture, architecture, and architecture requires the study of home offerings, idol worship, etc. Many treatises have been written on Indian temple architecture, but a simple and concise style can be easily understood by the general temple architect. That’s why I wanted to create this website today and I am proud to present it to you today. You have to check this website. And if you take special advantage, then my efforts will be really successful.

The traditional temple has carved pillars.

The traditional temple has carved pillars. This dwg picture has temple pillars and many sculptures and elaborate carvings. The temple consists of an inner courtyard with a mandapa (pillared hall) with elaborately carved pillars. The column design is given in this AutoCAD file. Download 2D cad drawing.

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Temple Architect

KUndan Shilp

Kundan Shilp is an Indian Temple Architect, Temple Architecture and Architectural Designer.

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Temple Architect

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Kundan Shilp is an Indian Temple Architect, Temple Architecture and Architectural Designer.

हिंदू मंदिर वास्तुकला की विभिन्न 14 शैलियाँ

प्रसाद मूल का इतिहास सुंदर है। सुरधीश, देवता, हिम वर्ष के देवद्रुवन में, देवी, राजा, नागा, यक्षकिनार, विद्याधर, गंधर्व, दानव, योगिनी और अन्य जातियों को शिव को प्रसाद के रूप में पूजा जाता था। इससे प्रसाद की चौदह जातियों का जन्म हुआ।

(1) नागर,

(2) द्रविड़,

(3) लतिन,

(4) भूमिज,

(5) वराट,

(6) विमान,

(7) मिश्रक,

(8) संधारा,

(9) विमाननागर,

(10) विमानपुष्पक,

(11) वल्ल्भी,

(12) फासनाकार,

(13) सिहांवलोकन,

(14) रथारुह,

Indian Architecture

Articles about Indian Architecture

There are several distinct styles of temple architecture in India, each with its own unique features and characteristics. Some of the most notable styles include, The Indian temple architecture is not only a religious and cultural expression but also an art form. Many temples in India are considered architectural masterpieces and are visited by millions of tourists each year.

Garbhagriha Dwarshakh

The door frame of the sanctum consists of two vertical branches that support a central dedicated block lintel. The lower horizontal step is known as the threshold. It rests mostly in the center of the front wall of the womb at a slight height above ground level. The jamb is carved into vertical sections or moldings, some projected and others blank. Thus the fascia can become 3,5,7 or 9. in number.

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Sompura Architects of India

Entrance Gate Design

Sompura Architects of India have brought the events of the Puranas to life in stone. His creative power is greatly appreciated. The stone architecture is steeped in heroic legends and history. Such skilled Sompura craftsmen, who have created stone architecture, are also poets. who deserve many thanks.

Indian Sompura architect has brought heaven to earth through this art. and enriched and inspired the life of the nation. Sompura Architects create powerful visual, emotional, and artistic temples without the help of color in the stone. Also, the Indian Sompura architect has made many valuable contributions to making Indian art a world architecture.